206 bones

206 bones... I only have to know the major ones. And draw the abdominal organs (my favorite to talk about in class!), anterior and posterior sacrum, 2 views of lumbar and cervical spine... channeling my inner artist. Too bad I didn't inherit my wonderful Aunt Paula's artist skills... Off to Dallas I go for Judith Lasater's Anatomy Teacher Training. I am beside myself excited! After sorting out all the logistics with the kids (rides to practice, games and the all important... mom, "how and what will I eat while you're gone?!" Note to Nathan's future bride: (many, many years from now), the way to this guy's heart-- a great steak, lots of fruit (strawberries) and anything chocolate for desert. And, he's all set.)

I think one of the most outstanding things that I've learned thus far in reviewing Judith's book, is that while I have a good grasp of the overview... I really know just about nothing. Humbling.

Diagnosis is always harder for me than general anatomy (in other words, yoga therapy... when someone complains of numbness in their legs, for example-- it could be compression of the nerves along the spine or...) I always, always tell them I am obviously not a doctor- and if pain persists, please, please go see one.

The saying, the more I learn, the less I know... so true when it comes to the miracle of our body.

"If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred."-- Walt Whitman


  1. That is a perfectly accurate representation to me! Gray's should consult you for any revisions. :)


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