"Attachment leads to suffering. Detachment leads to freedom." ---Ram Das

I met a lovely young woman in one of my cycle classes yesterday who seemed to have a sense of calm about her unlike the rest of class who rushed in just as class began or late. I asked her if she was ready for the holidays and her response was, "in what way?". She explained that her family is quite small, and they keep it simple by not exchanging gifts but by just doing something kind or giving for the other person. She said that she just doesn't feel the pull or drain of the holidays-
Doesn't that sound inviting? Not realistic with small children, but I think the principal behind it is that we determine our attitude-- I can set my intention or sankalpa. I can control what seems on the surface to be uncontrollable by not allowing my circumstances to affect my joy. By learning to detach or let go of that which does not serve me well, and doing only what does...


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