How often do I practice yoga

"Exercise whenever you can and look forward to it. Practice moderate yoga on a regular basis. Breath fresh air and think positive thoughts... become the light."-- Doug Sweenson

I get questions about how often to practice yoga (or pilates). While I would love to see everyone do some kind of yoga (karma, meditation, pranayama, asana...) everyday, it's not necessarily realistic for everyone to do a physical practice daily. I think it's important to stay active, no matter what you do. If you do what you love, you will keep doing it and find ways to do it. How often do we sit in front of the TV (OK, besides me- I watch maybe 2 hours a week at the most) or check our email (that one gets me... way too many hours!)... what we could do with that time!
Find what you love, and just do it regularly. Everything in moderation-- and for joy!


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