Yoga Sutra 1.35

"Mastery combines a balance of science and art. Knowledge of science is like the colors on an artist's palette- the greater the knowledge, the more colors available. The body is the canvas and the asanas are the art we create." --Patanjali

I've been reviewing anatomy for both my Yoga and Pilates classes. In her book, Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries, Susi Hately, shares that Yoga is designed to balance and create space within the body and within that space, prana (energy) is created. To create ease and grace, use your breath. When that breath is fluid, it brings life.

Breath is a constant theme in my classes. Finding your breath within each asana enables you to go longer, farther, or deeper in your practice. Or, it reminds you to restrain yourself, not allowing the ego to take you where your body is not yet ready to go. Conscious Breath creates a sense of calm that is simply not possible when you're unaware and breath is shallow. The more I breath, the more I centered or grounded I feel.

Visayavati Va Pravrttir Utpanna Manasah Sthiti Nibandhani

Concentration on subtle sense perceptions that can cause steadfastness of mind.

Yoga Sutra 1.35

What grounds your practice?

Grounded for today,



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