Empty Room

"We shape clay into a pot. But it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want." -
Tao Te Ching

This poem below was written by a student at a friend's yoga studio. The community (kula) they share - that we all share when we practice together is a unique bond and transformational experience. It goes beyond the physical and allows us, if we're open to it, to go beyond the surface and explore the layers (koshas) that lies within.

Building community and sharing a passion for what I love.



How an empty room / can hold so much

not a temple in a religious sense / for we are a varied tapestry of difference / our kula hails from all over the world / different cultures, countries, religions, perspectives. / what we share is the reverence for health and discovery / you could even say radical self discovery. / our bodies become the moving temples within the light of this reverence / daily painting vibrant worlds and stories invisibly upon the walls / each practice, a new mural of moving meditation.

here we are given space / to be with ourselves and others / to be held and nurtured within the clean open space / to enter, and to leave no physical trace / of our comings or goings / except written in the fibers of our bodies / the halls of the mind and the movement of touch across our hearts. / the empty space that holds so much / for friendships, epiphanies, griefs, losses, gains, and celebrations. / the emptiness birthing forth a space for exquisite contemplations / realizations, peacefulness, and resolutions.

- nikyta palmisani, yoga student


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