I feel more and more like my mother these days. As a child she would constantly embarrass me by chatting up the grocery store checkout person-- complimenting something, anything she could find to compliment- their lipstick color, their eyes, smile... anything to start a conversation. She would meet people everywhere she went. She had (and still does have) the uncanny ability to make almost anyone feel good about themselves by noticing something unique in them. It dawned on me this weekend that I've started doing this myself. Just this morning I asked a woman if I could have her newspaper, then struck up a discussion about neighborhoods and why she loves Austin so much. Yesterday, I met the most interesting people... all because I was open to serendipity, and I smiled. Have you noticed that people don't smile at each other anymore? Try it. Smile at someone, for no reason... they will wonder what you're up to, I'm sure.

Taking risks, being bold, and really living without fear of failure... open to the serendipitous moments of life.




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