Linda shared with us the story of her daughter, Heather's accident that left her seriously injured and in the hospital. When they were trying to make sense of all the chaos and why's of when bad things happen... a priest came in to see them. He encouraged them by saying that because of her accident, she will now one day be of service to another person who will have experienced the same thing.

Isn't it true that when you love or are passionate about something, you have and find the energy to do it?

I am still learning that service for me has to start at home first. When you get busy serving your world or doing great things for others but not those closest to you and what have you gained? You begin to see what you both have lost.

I'm making subtle changes starting now that I hope my boys will see and will enable them to know how deeply I love them. Not all choices are the best for everyone. There are sacrifices along the way. Sometimes just because something is good to do, doesn't mean it's the best thing to do. Saying no to someone, even when you feel like you're letting them down. Sometimes you just have to say yes to no.

"Drop your ego, and be of service. "-- Anand


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