"Meditation is matching your intention with attention."-- Anand

Sitting still. Cultivating stillness. Letting go of agenda, thoughts, distractions.... single pointed focus and concentration. This has always been a challenge for me, although through practice seems to get a little easier and worth the time invested.

Adi had a beautiful way of bringing about a meditative state-- by anticipating the next thought... as if they were sticks in a stream of water. Watching in your mind's eye as each one floats by, waiting and watching for the next one to come, then the next, and the next. The anticipation brings about a focus and yet it assisted in letting go of your own attachment to your thoughts. (YS 1.15)

Ksina Vrtter Abhijatasyeva maner grahitr grahana grahyesu tatsha tadanjanata samapattih.

Water takes on the color of what it is next to. When a yogi's mind is so clear that it can understand there is no separation between yourself and the reality, that is meditation. Samadhi (culmination of meditation) is the state of union (there is no corruption or violence physically or in the mind). The yogi empties the mind, so that he can refill himself, and he can understand fully and at the same time, stay detached. Your attitude, expectations, habits, and attachments are obstacles to your freedom and to meditation.

Yoga Sutra 1.41

Repeating a mantra (or scripture) is one meditation technique that I use. Not just saying it but seeking to memorize it. Committing it to my heart. Then, continuing to repeat it. At that point, a new meaning or understanding of it usually begins to unfold. Afterwards, I find myself recalling it throughout the day, and it serves as a great sense of positive encouragement.

Just breathing,



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