I've been consistently writing now every morning (no surprises, there, right?). I managed to fill nearly 3 notebooks full of journaling, lectures, and letters to loved ones while I was there just 4 weeks. It's not that I have much of anything interesting or funny to say or that I want to be "heard". For me, it just seems like the best way to process life and remember.

I recently spent a sleepless night going through old journals dating back to the early 90's. Not to relive the past but to recall the turning points (or "ah ha" moments). Falling in love, getting engaged (to someone else), graduating from college, learning to cook (oops, I still can't do that), my first job (selling light bulbs), the birth of my first child (long induced labor and a miracle), the loneliness of moving again and again, the joys of making it all work.... all of my life in small written snapshots.

"Acknowledge whatever is going on and let yourself feel it, then transform. Let the feeling come and go, do not be defined by it. To stay with known is easier than the unknown. "-- Anand

Remembering the mistakes and triumphs of the past- and yet moving beyond them feels so good. From strength to grace.

Moving to the unknown,



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