Gayatri Mantra

To hear Deva Premal sing this is just beautiful. I have found so many different interpretations of this mantra but for me, Anand's below stands out among them as one that is genuine and from the heart.

Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhur bhuvas svaha
Thath savithur varaynyam
Bhargo dheyvasya dhimahih
Dhyoyonah pratchodhay-yath

The goddess of wisdom we call upon that which is full of bright luster to enlighten our darkness which only through complete understanding is possible. We call upon surrender to carry us onward.

Surrender is difficult for me. I tend to want to control things that come my way. But, when I do live from a place of surrender, wonderful things happen. And, I'm much more open to seeing the beautiful in others. It's when I'm in a hurry or focused on a task or myself that I miss out on those serendipitous moments.

Yesterday was a great day getting to talk on Skype with girlfriends in KL (Kuala Lumpur)-- Wai Quan, Michelle, Chandra and Chin. And, to see Chin's gorgeous baby, who's no longer a baby at 15 months! When I was there we had just had the full moon party! ( Living in KL gave me a whole new perspective on the world and the friendships made were priceless. It's effort to keep those friendships alive and not bury myself in the daily grind of routines and classes. It's that focused intention and surrender that make life so gorgeous.

Life to the full,



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