It empowers you and the people you meet. Like a river that flows, faith (Sraddha) runs through you into others. Faith becomes the grounding force. Without it you are a ship without an anchor. When you have faith, fear evaporates. With faith fear cannot bind you... courage will. And energy to go on will come. (Yoga Sutra 1.20)

Some days are harder than others. I began to feel that sleep was over rated. Until today. Began to boil the water for coffee until I realized I didn't refill the water... it was a sign to go back to bed. And until Drew came in wanting breakfast, it was the most restful 2 hours I've had in a very long time. Funny how we preach all the good things, eat well, sleep well, take time for yourself, your family and friends, balance... and then we go full steam ahead and don't heed all of our own advise.

Living by faith,



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