Be clear in all things. As a calm pond reflects the full moon perfectly. Let your actions REFLECT your speech, and your speech reflect your actions.

In our last share circle in Hood River. We all stood in a circle, then turned around and faced the outside. One at a time, we went around the circle holding each person's hands, they had to tell you a word that embodied who you are or how they see you....

It was very touching and emotional to not only tell others their attributes but also hear them say amazing affirmations about you. Words like: beauty, focus, grace, strength were repeated... but clarity hit home. Both Jules and Linda both spoke that word over me. Ironically, it's a word I hadn't yet formed about myself or my situation... and then, when I heard it, it was such a confirmation of my heart, that it's become something that I've taken with me- to encourage and to ensure that each day I continue on the path I'm meant to take.

Clarity is defined as "the state of being clear or transparent to the eye; lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from ambiguity." To know where I am now, and where I want to be, what I want to become, and where my heart lies... now that's freedom.


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