Trust and Choices

These notes are from a Satsong at Heart Gate. Anand's response (and Jules input as well) to making choices in life...

When there is a fork in the road... you have a choice (or decision to make), how do you know you're making the right one?

It's important to know the difference between a choice and a decision: A choice is a selection at a given moment. A decision is a cutting off or removal (death) of something. Choosing doesn't mean losing something, it's simply stepping into the new, moving you forward. You choose because you have the ability to do so, therefore, there should be no need to defend (or be defensive) the choice.

When you are making a choice, there is no difference between your ego and emotions. They are the same and no matter what the choice is, there will always be some doubt. But, when you make it, be at ease. We choose a path to continue on, then we continue on it until we are confronted by the next choice. Then, we make that one, and another one, and so on... we continue to make a series of choices each refining the first.

Insecurity is the biggest hurdle in LOVE. Being insecure, means there is something to protect, a lack of trust, and acknowledgment. Insecurity and fear will come, and sometimes it will paralyze you. Don't allow it. There will be a moment when you can move beyond it. A deep knowing without doubt is TRUST. Trust is the essence of God. If He is all, then why is there any fear?

In the most difficult decisions, you usually know in your heart what is TRUE. If your intention is love and expansion, then you already know the right choice to make. You can be transformed (from judgement or whatever it is that's keeping you from making the choice that's in your heart.)

When you move from a place of intuition, you are dropping the mind, and coming from a place of clarity, peace and stillness rather than emotion. When you use intuition, time lapses. You are already on top of the mountain you are climbing ("your life"). So-- listen, wait, and meditate in the stillness, and there you will receive true answers from your heart.

Svpan nidra jnanalambanam va.

If you really want to understand, hear when you are silent.

Yoga Sutra 1.38


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