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What does Rest have to do with Learning?

It's Friday- end of the first week of January -- How did we get here? The simple answer is moment by moment. I've been working on things to remove from my agenda so that I can have more time for both: Focused and Diffused learning... Focused learning is chunks of time utilized on a single topic. Diffused learning is using rest/breaks in order to build resiliency in that learning. You can compare it to running a marathon. How many of us would successfully run one without any training? We would start with walking, then intervals, short runs, etc. We would adapt (see our last live chat in our yoga teacher's Facebook group with Jules Mitchell on adapting tissues!) Our brain is the same. It needs to adapt to new principles and concepts. I think this applies to everything. Imagine talking to a relative who has opposite world views that you do. Do you think arguing with them for hours is going to change their minds? Probably not. It will take a combination of things: listening

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